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Take control of your business and add value to your biggest asset.

We help you systematize and scale your business so you can exit on your own terms.

As business owners, we tend to fight fires and get bogged down in the day-to-day without a thought of the future vision.

My question to you is if you do not plan your business’s future who will?

If you do not have a plan that allows you to successfully exit your business, you do not have an asset.  You have a job. Possibly a very well-paying job, but a job nonetheless.


 of businesses fail to sell


is where you want to be.
Our team helps you get there.

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

We follow a proven framework that will allow you to optimize your business and turn it into an asset for your future. This will allow you to scale, sell, or build the future you desire.

If you follow our systems, I can guarantee you will put yourself in the best position possible to get what you want out of your business and design the legacy you want to be remembered for.

Bobby Alford

I’m Bobby Alford, Founder of CTG Financial

I am a submarine veteran, a husband to a beautiful and talented wife, a dog lover, and a pug father. I am also a business owner, builder, and someone who has successfully and unsuccessfully exited from a business.

Having paid my own dues, my mission is to keep you from having to learn these business lessons the hard way.  I aim to “close the gap” between your current business situation and the future you desire. My team and I have put together over 2500 financial plans, helped scale dozens of businesses — most, but not all, to successful exits.  

* I must be honest with you. Business is hard, as you know, and sometimes it helps a great deal to have an experienced hand to provide guidance and tools that you may not have.

How To Get Started


Step 1

Click to fill out our intake form to apply for a scheduled consultation via Zoom.  We start by getting to know each other immediately.


Step 2

If we are a fit for each other, this will be a long-term relationship. Our next step will be to work through the LEGACY process.

Step 3

Enjoy a sense of accomplishment and confidence in the health of your business and the promise of your own future.

The LEGACY Business Process

Our LEGACY Business Process is the proprietary framework we use to stabilize, streamline, and accelerate your business’s growth.

We begin with the end in mind.

What does an exit look like for you?

What do you need financially to retire or what do you envision your business selling for?

From here we have a target

Then as we work through our process together we will work to determine the levers in your Industry, Company, and Go-to-market Strategies that we can pull to simplify and optimize your growth.

What is the cost of this process?

Our consulting fees vary widely based on your needs, type of business, our involvement needed in the process, your size, and goals.

However, the initial consultation to see if we are a good fit is ALWAYS FREE.  Fill out the form below to apply for a consult.

 Remember, not only do


 of businesses fail to sell, but


 fail within 10 years.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew you were taking the right steps to build an asset of value?   Not only could you beat the odds with a thriving business, but you could also be confident that within your chosen timeline you can retire, sell, or create the succession plan you want.

Imagine the possibilities.